Environmental Standards

At Pro Site our approach to waste and the impact that it has on the environment is KEY to how we undertake all our strip out projects. Through a diligent process we assess the best practice of waste separation on site so as to minimise waste being double handed by us or our waste partners. With 90% of all waste generated on site being separated into their respective waste streams, allows Pro Site to reduce the cost to our clients and the impact on the environment. The remaining 10% is handled by our waste partners. All our waste partners have a ZERO waste to land fill commitment. This is backed up by monthly audit reports.

On every project undertaken by Pro Site a fully audited waste process is in place. A SKA/BREEAM system is in use by Po Site. A copy of the audit, waste type, codes, tonnage and final destination is issued to our clients. A full Environment Management System (EMS) is in place including our policy statement. These are reviewed and updated by Pro Site on a constant bases as rules and guidelines change. We are fully committed to the Environment Agency.

Through our commitment to improving systems and procedures for the handling of waste, Pro Site have some of the industries leading low carbon equipment. We constantly train our teams in the best practice of waste separation.

Waste Recyling

Pro Site have been committed to waste recycling and reducing landfill waste since the company commenced trading. Our approach to effective waste recycling has been developed on the principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We have identified the key waste streams that arise on projects and have found recycling solutions for all of them.

In 2019 alone, Pro Site recycled in excess of 1380 tons of waste recycling materials, all of which was audited and certified to cover a detailed waste audit for each of our clients. Due to this we can show our clients where it has been taken and to where in the next stage of the recycling programme. For example, all of our glass so far in 2019 has been recycled through one of our partners in the South East of England, which in turn was converted into resin for the use of table tops, preventing the waste going to landfill and reducing the carbon footprint for each of our clients. This is just one example of our recycling stream, from one of many waste materials.

Our strength lies in our ability to assess, from the outset the distribution of waste on each and every project, break it down by type and to then feed it back to our recycling partners. We constantly monitor the waste streams we collect and are always searching for new recycling options and opportunities to improve our clients carbon footprint on waste disposal. We follow strict SKA/BREEAM ratings and guidelines as part of our commitment of reducing the carbon footprint for our clients, (The SKA Rating is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ environmental assessment method. Launched in 2009 for non-domestic fit-outs, it helps clients to evaluate a project against a set of sustainable criteria).